▣ Write a letter to your  younger brother or best friend describing the bad effects of smoking.
▣ ধুমপানের ক্ষতিকর দিকগুলো জানিয়ে তোমার প্রিয় বন্ধুর কাছে একখানা চিঠি লিখ।


Tetulia, Dholoi Hat

My dear Iron Man,                                                                                                        May 10, 2020

I received your letter a week ago. Many many thanks to you for your sweet letter. But I was greatly taken aback by the news that you have become a chain smoker. I think that you are knowledgeable enough to realize the bad effects of smoking. Smoking is detrimental to our health. It causes many dangerous diseases like cancer, bronchitis, heart attack etc. It damages our lungs and reduces our longevity. So smoking can be compared to suicide. Please do not continue smoking for the sake of your health. It will be my pleasure if you give up this bad habit as soon as possible. No more today. Convey my best regards to your parents and love to the younger’s.

Yours Best Friend

Farmgate, Dhaka

Iron Man
Tetulia, Dholoi Hat

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