The deal for the construction of the 20.1 kilometers line 6 was signed by the government of Bangladesh With the japan International Co-operational Agency on 20 February 2013. Each train will hold up to 1800 Passengers. Dhaka metro is Projected to serve more than 60,000 Passengers Per hour. The entire route will be able to travel in less than 40 minutes at an averge speed of 100 km/h. We expect that it will break down the Problem of traffic tam. The metro would be noise-free, with noise barrirs and a vibration-free line! The Car Would be made of stainless still and Aluminum Alloy. Trains of six-air conditioned spacious cars will arrive every four minutes. The Metrorail Project official is Mass Rapid Transit (MRT).

The Metrorail Station number is 16 in the communication area of Uttara to motijhill. At last, I want to say that Metro rail has a great impact to develop our BD.

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